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This weather station is in Dunchurch, Warwickshire.

The current conditions are damp, with a calculated cloudbase of 58m and a leaf wetness value of 15 (out of a maximum of 15).
The forecast is Increasing clouds with little temperature change.
There have been 0.00 hours of sunshine so far today and the sunniest day so far this year is 15 Jun 2021 (11.21 hrs).
The last significant rain was 18 Oct 2021 (1.4 mm) and the wettest day so far this year is 8 May 2021 (18.6 mm)

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About This Station

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station, with data collected every 2 seconds and fed to a range of online services. This site updated every 1-5 minutes from data collected using WeatherCat.

The station consists of an anemometer, a rain gauge, UV sensor, solar sensor and a thermo-hygro sensor. A secondary station has two soil moisture and soil temperature sensors, along with a leaf wetness sensor. All are situated in optimal positions for the highest accuracy possible in a rural back garden.


Dunchurch is a village in leafy Warwickshire. It is at the end of the M45, just south of Rugby in the centre of England.

About this Website

This site has been online since May 2014, initially with an Aercus WS3083 station. That was a low-cost device, easy to install and configure. However it had some problems, including a poorly-shielded temperature sensor that overheated dramatically in direct sun. I've manually removed most of the resulting temperature excursions from the data, so you should be able to believe most of the numbers you see here. Despite the problems, it served to show me I was interested in running a station as a hobby, and enjoyed sharing the data with various other sites.

When the original hardware started to fail under warranty at the start of 2015, I felt I could justify replacing it with a Davis Vantage Pro 2. That's a much better system with many significant improvements, including more efficient screening of the temperature probe. Initially the website was a simple set of HTML pages on my ISP's free webspace. As a Christmas present to the station at the end of 2015, I bought it a more descriptive domain name and a more capable website with the normal bells and whistles, which you're now looking at.

In February 2016, I added a soil moisture station with two soil temperature sensors, two soil moisture sensors, and one leaf wetness sensor. So while most of the data on this site goes back to May 2014, the soil data starts in February 2016.